Feeling vibrant, healthy, and fit should be simple.

Do you want to feel better? But struggle with health and wellness programs that:

  • Require too much money?
  • Don’t provide a support system for success?
  • Are too advanced in the kitchen?
  • Are all based on shakes and supplements?
  • Require purchases of tons of gear or kitchen equipment?

Cook Healthier Meals

Easy to follow recipes and easy to find ingredients.

Take back control

When health seems to be slipping away, reset and start with a clean slate.

Renew your confidence

It’s more than just eating. There are daily activities inspiring you to connect with your mind and body.



Five quick, easy, and healthy meals

Overcome the fear of eating plants and get your family on board.

What do #cleanslaters have to say?



The Big 8 Food Allergens

What are the Big 8 Food Allergens? Learn why these foods make the list of the most common allergens, as well as allergy symptoms and substitutions to try.


Black Bean and Kimchi Quesadillas with Togarashi Sweet Potato Fries and Lemon Aioli

Jazz up your normal (ahem, boring) quesadillas with these Black Bean and Kimchi Quesadillas. Add in spicy Togarashi Sweet Potato Fries and top with zesty Lemon Aioli, and you have a creative and flavorful meal.


Seared Broccolini, Sweet Potato Mash, Lentils, and Coconut, Turmeric, Fresno Chili Relish

Tender sweet potatoes, creamy black lentils, seared broccolini, and crispy, spicy relish. . .This recipe is a symphony of flavors and textures that will not disappoint.

Not sure if the cleanse is right for you?

Download this ebook with 5 easy recipes and give them and try!

If you’re on the fence about joining the cleanse, we want you to try a few recipes and see for yourself how easy it is! This PDF has 5 simple cleanse-approved recipes:

  • Blueberry Bake
  • Baked Ziti
  • Vegan Oyster Rolls
  • Risotto
  • Pumpkin Pancakes