The Clean Slate Cleanse resets your body.

Feel better. Have more energy. Look more vibrant. Have more confidence.

We use a 21 Day Program that transforms the way you cook, eat, and relate to the food on your plate. No fasts, no starvation, no gimmicks, no endless shakes or supplements. Just real plant-based food to reveal the health and wellness that is already inside of you.


has been completed by hundreds of normal people just like you.


I really enjoyed this Clean Slate Cleanse! I’ve done a couple types of these “diets” in the past: Wheat Belly, Whole 30 (couldn’t finish), 21-Day Sugar Detox. The Clean Slate Cleanse was much more laid back and not as restrictive as past plans. I know it takes a lot of work and dedication to lead this type of group and you all did a great job. I love Lindsey and all her knowledge.


The Cleanse helped reset my relationship with food, and I more clearly see food as nutrition for my body and not just for the taste buds.

Tammy G

The Cleanse taught me that I’m strong enough. That I have the willpower to accomplish everything I want, I just need to forget about fear.

Daniela H

I did this cleanse because of my health and that of my family. The support was exactly what I needed! My kids devoured the Potato and Lentil Soup! They even took it for lunch today! My 4 year-old was in the kitchen helping me to make it, too! This cleanse was a part of my birthday gift to myself for better health. We are working towards better health with food in our home. I’m thankful for this group starting off our journey! We’ll be looking forward to the next Cleanse to keep us on track. Your book will help, too!.

Valerie G

The Cleanse taught me that a vegan diet IS the best choice for me…that the inflammation I have experienced for years is GONE! My aesthetician even commented that my hands and feet were no longer swollen! Also felt great about making it through without a slip, without cravings!

Diana S




Day by day instructions to help you track what you eat, monitor your progress, learn why we cleanse, and work through your unique journey.



With more than 100 recipes, you will never go hungry. The Cookbook contains recipes the whole family will love.



Dr. Lindsey Elmore has been doing food-based dietary cleanses since 2008 because she just wanted to feel better.



3 Zoom calls during the cleanse to ask questions and share your cooking tips.



Share your food pictures, ask questions, and collaborate with new friends who are going through the same journey as you.



Daily inspiration, shopping lists, activities and stories of success, right in your email inbox daily.

Clean Slate

CSC Cookbook

The Clean Slate Cleanse Cookbook is packed with more than 100 gluten free and vegan recipes to start you on your journey. Unlike so many cleanse programs, there is no set eating schedule. You get to pick each and every meal that you eat. Breakfast, lunch, dinners, snacks, and even weekend cooking projects, the cookbook inspires even the most novice cook to get into the kitchen.

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Clean Slate

CSC Workbook

The Clean Slate Cleanse Workbook transforms the mundane day to day to a self-exploration that deepens your understanding of why you eat the way that you eat. Daily journal exercises keep you on track, easy meditations and yoga get your body moving and connected within, and three optional add on cleanses flush the crap from your body.

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Before and Afters

Take a look at some real results


Ever since the Clean Slate Cleanse, I feel much better about my relationship with food. I feel like it is easier for me to say no. Ever since the Clean Slate Cleanse, I feel much better about my relationship with food. I feel like it is easier for me to say no.Ever since the Clean Slate Cleanse, I feel much better about my relationship with food. I feel like it is easier for me to say no.

Kate C

Not sure if the cleanse is right for you?

Download this ebook with 5 easy recipes and give them and try!

If you’re on the fence about joining the cleanse, we want you to try a few recipes and see for yourself how easy it is! This PDF has 5 simple cleanse-approved recipes:

  • Blueberry Bake
  • Baked Ziti
  • Vegan Oyster Rolls
  • Risotto
  • Pumpkin Pancakes