Common Questions About Plant-Based Eating

Thinking of trying a vegan diet but still not sure it's for you? Let’s review some common questions about plant-based eating.

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Crispy Tofu, Broccoli and Green Beans over Midnight Grains with Sesame-Miso Dressing

Instead of the same boring cubed tofu that you are used to, this recipe tears the tofu into shards and roasts them until golden browned and the pointed ends get very crispy in parts. Serve the crispy tofu atop black midnight grains, alongside lemony roasted vegetables and a tangy sesame-miso dressing.

Gemelli with Pesto di Noci and Crispy Lemon Tofu

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Korean Tofu Bowl

A good rice bowl is a plant based staple that can be flavored in almost unlimited ways. This Korean Tofu Bowl starts with a based of brown rice and is topped with roasted broccoli, crispy sugar snap peas, tangy gochujang barbecue sauce sautéed tofu, and sour, fermented kimchi.