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Vegan Breakfast Recipes

Why is breakfast the most important meal of the day? You may be surprised to find out all the benefits. Plus get some great vegan breakfast recipes!

A Day in the Life During the Clean Slate Cleanse

So many people reach out to me about the Clean Slate Cleanse and ask if they will be surviving on raw salads and carrot sticks for 21 days. To this I answer an emphatic "No!"

Vegan French Toast with Berry Compote

This vegan french toast is so amazing and wholesome, you would never guess it is vegan! The coconut smear and berry compote are over-the-top delish!

Steel Cut Oats and Caramelized Bananas

This is the best steel cut oats recipe ever. It takes a bit more time than overnight oats, but it's so worth it. Top with caramelized bananas for a sweet morning treat.

Chia Breakfast Pudding

Looking for a quick and satisfying breakfast? Try this vegan Chia Pudding. You can customize it to your taste with nuts, fruits, and other toppings.

Breakfast Toast Six Ways

Need new inspriation to get your morning going? Check out these six varieties of breakfast toast. Sweet or savory, rich or light, and all ready in minutes.

Southwest Tofu Scramble

With peppers and kale for added nutrition and flavor, this filling, protein-packed Southwest Tofu Scramble is the perfect start to a busy day.